About Vitis

Hoveniersbedrijf Vitis N.V. is founded in August 1999 by owner and director Manuel J.P. Boot. Vitis N.V. is registered, by number: 82326, in the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce. The Latin word vitis means 'grape' and is from time immemorial a symbol of fruitfulness.

The work/ activitities of Vitis N.V. can be (sub)divided in:

The enterprise is in the past years strongly developed and present Vitis has about 50 employees in service. The costumer’s file of the different maintenance teams exists nowadays at 8 hotels/ resorts, about 40 gardens of private persons, several banks en enterprise areas. The team of constructing is working actually at the lay out/ constructing of some extent gardens around resorts.

The various teams receive conducting by leaders and supervisors. Vitis N.V. attaches value to working in relationship with others. Contemporaneously safety and working in e regular way are very important. For all employees Vitis N.V. has effected an insurance and they have received safety equipment. Besides every employees of Vitis N.V. is wearing a uniform outfit with clearly recognizable logo of Vitis.

De crew van hoveniersbedrijf Vitis